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9th International Topical Meeting on
Industrial Radiation and Radioisotope Measurement Applications

Valencia (Spain), 6-11 July 2014

Invited speakers

Marios J. Anagnostakis

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Environmental Radioactivity Measurements and Applications - Current status and future trends

Tomas Cechak

Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Application of X-Ray Fluorescence in Investigation of  Photographic Heritage

Sergio Diez

Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valencia, Spain

Contrast enhancement of Electronic Portal Images

Grazia Gambarini

Università degli Studi di Milano and INFN, Italy

Fricke-gel dosimetry in epithermal or thermal neutron beams of a research reactor 

Robin P. Gardner

North Carolina State University, USA

Highlights and Changes in Radiation and Radioisotope Applications

Douglas McGregor

Kansas State University, USA

Microstructured Semiconductor Neutron Detectors

Patrick H. Regan

University of Surrey, UK

Precision Sub-Nanosecond Lifetime Measurements of Excited States for Some 'Interesting' Nuclei

Hugo Schelin

Federal University of Technology - Paraná, Brazil

Radiation Dose Measurements in Pediatric Radiology

James Tickner

CSIRO, Australia

On-stream X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Slurries at Parts-per-Billion Levels

Pedro Vaz

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal

Low Dose Radiation Exposures in the Medical Applications of Ionizing Radiation - epidemiology, radiobiology and radiological protection